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24 SHELLS. HUGE 24 different Neon Breaks with an attitude! Loud and beautiful. From the same company that brought us the Death Shells. The video says it all! 2020 version.


  • Purple coconut w/lemon dahlia and white glitter and teal star.
  • Silver chrysanthemum.
  • Strong crackle w/red plum blossom.
  • Orange coconut w/white glitter.
  • Red and sea blue dahlia w/silver chrysanthemum.
  • Red glittering willow w/green glitter.
  • Grass green and peach w/gold glitter.
  • Gold willow to blue w/green glitter.
  • Sea blue and grass green dahlia w/red plum blossom.
  • Gold titanium willow w/peach.
  • Purple and green dahlia w/red plum blossom.
  • Red glittering willow w/crackling willow.
  • Teal and yellow dahlia w/red plum blossom.
  • Yellow and grass green dahlia w/silver chrysanthemum.
  • White brocade crown w/white glitter.
  • Gold titanium willow w/teal.
  • White broacade crown w/white glitter.
  • Brocade crown to red w/green star and white glitter.
  • White glitter.
  • Peach and teal w/white glitter.
  • Teal and grass green.
  • Gold willow to red w/white glitter.
  • Silver coconut w/red and blue star.
  • White brocade crown w/gold glitter.

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