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Perfect for summer, a 4-pack of IPA! Enjoy the season with some Incredible Pyro Action. This 500-gram assortment can be sold as a set or individual. These four cakes are packed with colorful effects.

Storm Chaser: Order up this chaser of swirling tails to multi-color neon dahlias with colorful falling leaves

Wet My Whistle: Robust 3-stage whistles alternating with red/green/lemon/purple lace effect with blue pearls and color pearls

Willow torpedo: Full-bodied gold strobing willow, crackling willow, gold palm, brocade crown with gold/green/red/silver strobes or lace

Big Bang Beery: Impeccably balanced continuous bang of awesome flower crown to purple/lemon/red/green/blue/lemon/orange dahlias

IPA 4-Pack (Sold as a set)

SKU: 705108955497

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